The classical dream.

Mr. Darcy, from Jane Austen’s pride and prejudice and Heathcliff, from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering heights, are among the most beloved romantic heroes of all time. What kind of classical novels lover would I be if I didn’t talk about this two hotties, and how they’ve managed to steal our hearts over the years?


Heathcliff is described as a dark person, both in complexion and character. He is an emotionally traumatized person due to his dark past, which paints a complex/mysterious/ bad boy picture to the readers. Edward Cullen from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, Christian Grey from Erika Leonard’s Fifty shades of grey and Hardin Scott from Anna Todd’s After, are other legendary bad boy characters we can’t help but sigh over! They all have common characteristics such as introverted in nature or misanthropic, brooding, anger management issues and are sometimes accustomed to violence.

Heathcliff didn’t just love Catherine, he was obsessed with Catherine: Her body, mind and soul. He turned her into an object…the only object of affection in his life, and loved her with a ferocious passion. Catherine’s love for Heathcliff was equally fiery, she once confessed to Nelly, ” I don’t just love Heathcliff, I am Heathcliff,”. Their connection so strong, when she died, our hero came apart. The idea of being the only object of love and desire in a man’s life is quite tempting I daresay. That kind of ferocious passion though,has no place in reality. It only ends up destroying both the lovers and the people around them, as was the case of Heathcliff and Catherine.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Austen describes Darcy as a tall, noble, fine man with handsome features and wealth. He perfectly fits what a majority of today’s women would consider as their dream man. A man with such qualities is not only believed to offer provisions and security, but could also pass those genetic goods to your descendants!

Our Darcy’s personality is very captivating. He’s a moody, unapproachable, self absorbed and not to mention,very private man. Most women seem to be attracted to this. They see it as an opportunity to be the ones who finally cure the man’s character after everything else has failed. I’ve witnessed this in real life too, a woman will keep on dating a man whose behavior she can’t stand, claiming, “He’s going to change!”. In most cases, he never does.

Darcy, later on, falls madly in love with our heroine, Elizabeth Bennett. He could have any woman he wants, given his social standings, but he only wants Elizabeth…Dreamy, right?. He admires Elizabeth for the woman she is: An ordinary looking woman, very open-minded, chooses her own path, is not afraid to speak her mind, does not give in to societal demands and takes her future into her own hands (something the modern woman thrives to achieve). When a man admires and appreciates his woman for who she really is, she’s inspired and empowered. Every woman deserves a Darcy!

Darcy’s relationship with our heroine is to die for. Their love story isn’t your typical love story based on beauty, society’s expectations or vain amusements. Instead, they fall in love with each other’s personalities, minds and intellectual conversations. This blossoms to a beautiful marriage based on respect, passionate love and understanding. A woman’s dream marriage.

To top it up, Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship is a very realistic one. Modern day couples could relate to: love Is not always a ‘at-first-sight’ affair, the misunderstandings, the family drama and people working to tear you apart. Luckily, Darcy and Elizabeth get past the challenges and achieve happiness.

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