Existing on Earth.

You’re never truly free with a friend until they ask you, “What are your worst fears?”. Answers to this question always include death, poverty, darkness, natural catastrophies, the paranormal, losing a loved one, creepy insects, reptiles, lonileness… When I was younger, all of those might have been a thing for me, but now that I’m an adult, I see no point in being afraid of those, as they are either inevitable or unpredictable.

The only thing that scares me now is life itself.

Everything about life has proven to be complicated (I speak for myself), and I constantly find myself exhausted by life on Earth, wondering if it’s worth the effort it takes to live.

We are living at a time where everyone has a way of living right; how to be happy, how to make money, how to have a happy relationship, how to age gracefully, how to have a successful marriage, how to stay fit, how to retire young, what’s good and what’s bad… We then proceed to infect each other with a particular way of thinking that we pass down to our offsprings.

Plus, there has never been an end to sufferings on Earth. Even if we tried to end the sufferings, it’s still we ourselves who aid in the suffering of each other, using the insanity of our worldly systems and culture ( It’s not a horrible world, it’s just a world filled with horrible people.) We inflict pain on each other, enslave each other, oppress each other, go to war with each other and kill each other as soon as its possible to. Humans, after all, are creatures who need war and suffering to cry for each other or love each other (observe how tragedies all over the world serve to remind us we are human and bring us together in solidarity.)

It’s difficult to live simply and comfortably in a world like ours. Unless you either think and act like the world thinks and acts or adopt the world as it is. There are people who know no suffering, corruption, injustices, ignorance of mind, pain or hunger, all because they have adopted and accepted those things and thus their lives made simple.

The life of man is very brief and very miserable and as it is miserable it is well it is brief – Jeremy Taylor.

Isn’t life itself scarier than dying? What’s wrong with dying? Especially dying in Christ?
The Bible says death is just a sleep from which one will be awakened by the coming of our Lord. Its not a permanent state. The dreadful thing about death is leaving behind the people you love and having absolutely no idea how they would get by without you…

The only hope humanity has is God. His grace and unending love for us, despite all our short comings and human nature. He makes everything worth while, with a promise of eternal life that’s different from our earthly lives.

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