I Told Him ‘I’m an Artist’

I told him, I’m an artist

He asked me to draw something, paint something, or something like that

I told him I don’t draw anymore, neither do I paint, or something like that

He said, baby you have to do it. One day you will die, we all will, and artists are lucky because they get to create and leave something.

And I told him. Don’t be silly, look at life, look at nature, look at the sky, those clouds! Who do you think painted all that?

Ofcourse I Love You

Ofcourse I love you,

Idk…because you are special?

I know it sounds corny

Stop laughing I’m serious…wait, I do know why I love you

Its in the way you laugh, the way you are blushing now, the way your lashes flatter once to the ground, the way you are looking up at me now…

Those pair of eyes, They are uncertain.

You want me to stop, You don’t want me to stop

You are undecided. You always are.

I find it mysterious.

And God knows we all need a mystery. Life can be predictable. A loop of mundane events. We live for the mysteries. We go on for them, and you…

You are my mystery.


A man had been seeking enlightenment for a very long time. He visited different masters, tried meditating, practiced different yoga poses and chanted mantras with no success.

One day he was passing by the market and heard the butcher’s customer say, “Don’t give me that piece of meat. It has fat traces. I want the other,”

The butcher replied, “but why? All meat here is equal,”

In that moment, the man reached enlightenment.


A woman received a report card with a note from the headmaster. “Your son is very intelligent,” the note read, “but he spends so much time playing with girls. I will have to find a way to break him off that habit,”

The woman signed back the note, “let me know if It works, and I will try it out on his father too,”


Someone asked a great master, “Do you believe in God?”

The master answered, “No,”

The questioner was very shocked. He had travelled from a far just to meet this master. He had heard alot about this master. People said he knew the master knew things. Understood the workings of the spiritual realm .

The questioner said, “but I was thinking you know God,”

The master replied, “Yes, i know God. Once you know what is the point of belief? Do you wake up and say, ‘I believe in that flower,’? No. Belief is just blind faith. Born out of ignorance, fear and hope,”


After the world war, a journalist was interviewing the mother superior of a covenant in Europe,”

“How did you and your nuns survive the dark times?” The journalist asked, “How did you deal with the invasion?”

The nun answered, ” Well, the Germans came, took the covenant, raped sister Anna, took all the food and left. Again, the Russians came, took the covenant, raped sister Anna and left,”

The journalist made some sympathetic sounds. Then asked, “Why sister Anna?”

“Well you see, unlike the rest, sister Anna didn’t like that kind of thing,”


One cold night, a beggar asked to be let to stay in a catholic church. He was shivering and so the priest took pity and let him in. In the middle of the night, the priest suddenly heard a noise. He came running and could not believe his eyes. The beggar sat around a fire which he had made inside the church. One of Jesus’crosses was missing.

“Sacrilege!” Cried the priest, “What have you done!”

The beggar pointed to the fire and said, “I was shivering. It was very cold,”

“Are you mad? Don’t you see what you have done? That was Jesus’ cross!”

The beggar said, “The night is still long and it’s getting colder. Why not bring those other two crosses hanging over there? I’m sure Jesus would not mind,”


Noticing that his burglar father was getting old, the son asked him to teach him the family art. The father agreed, and that night they broke into a house. Opening a large chest, the father instructed the son to get in and pick out clothing. As soon as the son was in, the father locked the chest and made noises to awaken the family. Then he slipped away quietly.

The boy was terrified and angry. Then an idea came to him. He made cat noises. The family asked the maid to take a candle and examine the chest. When the lid was unlocked, the boy jumped out, blew out the candle, pushed past the bewildered maid and ran out. The people ran after him. Noticing a well by the road, he threw a heavy stone in and hid in the darkness. The people gathered around the well trying to see the burglar drown.

When he got home, he was very angry at the father. He tried to tell him what he had gone through but the father said, “Don’t bother telling me the details. You are here, therefore you have learned the art,”


A disciple was complaining to his master, “My life is difficult. I lost my job, my parents are making it unbearable, and my wife nags me all the time. What should I do?”

The master asked, “When you fall sick in a dream, do you go to visit a doctor? Do you wake up and moan about it?”

The disciple replied, “Only a fool would do so. I accept its just a dream, and when I wake up its finished!”

The master said, “Good. Now wake up,”